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Jayme Soulati is the Message Mapping Master blending PR with digital, content and social media marketing.

Jayme Soulati's Bio:

My name is Jayme Soulati. I am president of Soulati Media, Inc. where I deliver a healthy blend of digital marketing, content marketing, public relations, and social media. I am a Message Mapping Master which means I get inside your boardroom to nail how we position you outside your company.

We start with messaging and a solid website with strategic vision for how we develop your brand for the marketplace. When I need help, I hire it. I have a virtual team that extends my reach.

My new podcast, The Heart Of Marketing, is new in 2015. To get all the episodes, head over to and subscribe to the tribe!

I am author of two books. One I self-published to get the experience, and it's called "Writing with Verve on the Blogging Journey." Care for a free copy? I have a few remaining to share!

My second book is "Message Mapping: How To Do It And Why You Need It." Please head over to my website at and get a copy!

My roots are in Chicago's public relations agencies. I like to say I'm an agency brat!  I hit the Chicago scene in 1984 and spent 18 incredible years plying my trade in PR, media relations, marketing, and volunteering. 

Today, I'm an award-winning professional blogger on PR, marketing, social media and business topics. I present on a variety of topics as a keynote, workshop and small-group speaker. I love to teach what I know as we're in a rapidly changing time.

I have worked in a variety of sectors including professional services, health care, legal marketing, business, technology/software solutions, and more. 

Most of all, Iove the strategy of it all. When I get to do message mapping it brings me very close to leaders of companies and entrepreneurs. I listen and ask questions while giving people the opportunity to talk about their business. Together we brainstorm strategy and discuss business models and communications.

Call me for a free consultation! When you visit my website, you'll see the many places I am accessible to you. I so look forward to speaking with you about how I might help you execute your business strategy.


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Jayme Soulati's Interests & Activities:

Professional speaking, crisis communications with message mapping. Tennis (USTA 4.0); colored gemstones. Finding heart stories for my podcast. Stop over!

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